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Access exclusive video editing through our monthly service. Benefit from a dedicated editor and consistent, high-quality content at a fixed rate.

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Are you in the 70% of video companies that are struggling with...

Lack of time for creativity

The pressure of deadlines and the burden of administrative work can leave little time for ideation and creative exploration.

Difficulty finding the right talent

Finding editors with the right skills and vision can be a challenge.

Budgetary limitations

Tight budgets can restrict the ability to execute ambitious ideas.

Post-production bottlenecks

Editing and other post-production processes can delay deadlines and create stress.

Ineffective communication

A lack of clear communication between the production team and the editor can lead to misunderstandings and rework.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a dedicated video editor for you

No More Freelancing Ghosting

Our video editor will work and be in contact with you 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Save Money

Secure your personal dedicated video editor at a fraction of an in-house expense.

Boost Time Management

Channel efforts into acquiring clients, and progressing in your business journey.

Access To The Project Files

You'll receive the project files in case you need to

Your Own Style In Each Project

Your editor will learn your style, so you won't need to micromanage.

Avoid A Multi Account Editor

Your editor won't work in multiple accounts and projects.

What our service include?

An account manager designated for you

Your account manager will oversee all aspects of your projects, ensuring quality throughout the process.

Licensed premium assets

We've got you covered with all the assets you need for your videos – music, stock footage, sound effects, graphics, and more.

LucidLink® workflow and storage

Experience real-time collaboration by sharing files and reviewing projects in our workspace.

Effortless, dynamic feedback

Our Frame.io-driven process lets you mark up every video frame, offering clear instructions.

How it works

Simple steps to turn on this video editing machine!

Share Your Assets

Send us your footage and editing preferences seamlessly.

Provide Unlimited Feedback

Offer limitless input to your dedicated video editor via Frameio.

Get Your First Version

Our vetted editors commence work on your project immediately.

Start a new project

Initiate a fresh project and continue to expand your business.

The definitive solution to your video editing needs

This workflow provides an optimal solution for filmmakers and video production companies by simplifying and enhancing the video editing process. By catering to the specific demands of video editing, it empowers filmmakers and production companies to achieve polished results and streamline their post-production workflows.

What do our clients say about us?

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What kind of work can I request?

From television trailers to YouTube videos, our team can edit a wide variety of content. While we don't design custom motion graphics, we leverage templates for standard animation elements.

What tools do you use for videos?

We exclusively rely on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to ensure top-tier video editing quality.

How will we communicate daily?

We can use Slack or email, the option that works better for you.

Are there any limitations to the videos?

We do not provide the following video editing services: Animation (however, we can customize templates such as intros, end cards, and lower thirds; we do not create video cartoons or custom motion graphics).

What's the commitment?

Enjoy the simplicity of a month-to-month video editing service—no minimum monthly requirements or annual project commitments needed.

What are your work hours?

Monday to Friday-6 am to 3 pm CST.

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